English 245 (The Stepford Wives: Group Project Questions)

This is a place to post questions about the group project on The Stepford Wives.  I will check this blog daily until the assignment is due during weeks #12 and #13.

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    • Hello, Jacob. You may do it anyway that you like. A drawing is fine, or a photograph you take on your own. You would have at least one per shot.

  1. Hi Dr. Barrenechea,

    For our group project, do we have to actually film and edit a video to create a scene from The Stepford Wives? If so, how does that work if some of us do not live on campus?

    Thank you in advance.


    • Hello, Devin. You do not need to make a film for this project. It will look more like the midterm (but in reverse). However, I have had students make films for it in the past (and present, which we won’t do this year).

  2. Just to clarify, the syllabus due dates mean that the projects are all basically due by 12:00 April 22 correct?

    • You will choose when you submit the project on any of the days indicated on the syllabus. There are four potential submission dates. You decide.

  3. Hi, Dr. Barrenechea.

    Do all of our visuals need to be the same? For example, is it ok if some members draw their visuals and others create and edit a photo digitally?

  4. Hello Dr.Barrenechea,

    I was wondering if it would be okay for us to use a storyboard website, such as storyboardthat.com, for the adaptation part?

  5. Hi Dr. Barrenechea,
    Can you elaborate a little more on the one-page explanation of our approach we have to include?

    • Start with a single page where you explain your approach to the adaptation. What did you want to stress from the scene? How do you understand the tone of the novel? What seems most important in terms of adapting the novel in 2021? It’s up to you. If you were a director and asked about the inspiration for your film adaptation, what would your answer be?

  6. Hi Dr. Barrenechea,

    For the group project, are we allowed to change the wording around at all? For example, the text talks about Joanna looking at her neighbors through her windows. Could we change it and say she was looking at her neighbor’s post on social media? Or are we supposed to keep the text the same and just change the elements in the mise-en-scene?

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