English 245 (Midterm Questions)

This is a place to post any questions about the English 245 midterm.  It (along with a sample from a previous semester) is posted under “Assignments.”

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  1. For this assignment, we need to pick out five continuous shots after the 52:50 timestamp? I just want to make sure we are doing long shots and not just the five shots immediately after that timestamp.

    • They are the five immediate shots after that point. You don’t “pick out” the shots yourself. You are doing the five next. See the sample.

      • Thank you! I thought that was what it was telling me to do, but when I came back to it I confused myself. Thanks for the clarification though!

  2. What was the website Eraserhead was available on? I seemed to have lost the email containing the information on where to find it.

  3. In the example paper, there are images and information in a list format. Is this the exact format that you would like for us to follow? Should we also include images or screen captures from the film in our papers? Does this affect the length requirement? Thank you!

  4. No worries over length requirement. I estimate an average of 1 page per shot because I’d like you to do a thorough job on all the details of each shot. See the sample.

  5. My question is about shots that contain the same details/information from previous shots. The example re-notes bits and pieces of repeated information, but also just resorts to the likes of saying “remains the same as previous”. Would you like us to re-note the full information or simply refer you to previous shot descriptions? There are also parts of the example where subcategory labels like tonality and transition are sometimes noted as “tonality – ” and “transition – ” with the descriptions following, but other parts where it’s just the description without the label of what specifically it’s looking at. How would you like us to go about it (labeling subcategories where appropriate or just going straight into the description)?

    • If it’s exactly the same, you may just state “same as…”

      Labeling is good for all subcategories. The more details, the better.

  6. For the Duration portion of this Midterm, do we have to put the exact minutes and seconds of the shot or can we say approximately how much time has passed during the shot?

  7. In the sample midterm, they put the exact seconds for the duration. For example, they put 3.3 seconds. Do we need to be that precise or can we just say 3 seconds instead?

  8. For editing five sketches/film grabs to discuss the relationships between shots, there are only four in the five shots that we’re working with, so should we pick either the shot before our group of five or after our group of five shots?

    • You’ll deal with the relation between shots 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-5, 5-6 (although you don’t detail this sixth shot). You are free to also mention how we get to shot 1. It’s not difficult, right under “editing.” Why not mention all of it?

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