English 245 — Blog Post #1: Romantic Comedies

You will need to see a post-1999 romantic comedy to answer these questions.  After doing so, post here on two fronts: how does this film show “static” characteristics of the rom-com genre?  How does it show “dynamic” characteristics of rom-coms?  This distinction should be clear by now based upon the reading and emails from this unit.

*Please limit your post to 100 words.

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  1. Love Simon has some qualities that set it apart from your typical rom com while still retaining the rom com title. It’s big dynamic characteristic is that it centers around a member of the LGBTQ community. The protagonist is a highschooler which puts a different generation under the spotlight. Some static features of the movie can be seen in the character Martin, who see’s himself as the main character and follows clichés such as running onto the football field before homecoming and asking out a girl. However, Love Simon flips the script and he’s not as successful as we might have assumed.

  2. Annie Hall (1977) is a Woody Allen film that gave a wide variety of dynamic and static examples of what a Romantic Comedy could be. It started with standard static formatting with the obvious “meet cute” of Annie and Alvy while playing tennis. Their love blossoms and continues to grow like any other Rom/Com, but when the usual obstacles appear that traditional Rom/Com lovers would have overcome, they don’t. Alvy fawns after Annie by doing the “grand gesture” of flying to California to “rescue” her, but Annie disagrees with Alzy’s pleas. This is a very dynamic storyline by Annie being an independent woman who is capable of rescuing herself and choosing who to love. Annie and Alvy show just how dynamic the movie can be by not ending up as lovers by the end of it, but instead part as respected friends who treasure that relationship over all their physical attraction.

    • Hi here’s my real comment, ignore the one above.

      Pitch Perfect is a Romantic Comedy in the traditional static sense of boy likes girl, girl thinks she doesn’t like boy, but girl eventually ends up in love with boy by the end of the movie. Though where this movie is dynamically different is Beca’s relationship with the other females in the cast. She also suffers the same tribulations of thinking she’s done everything to ruin the relationship, but by being vulnerable and telling her true feelings of love, everyone ended with a happily ever after. I would even argue that her relationships with the other women in the movie was a more important storyline, then her relationship with the male lead (Jesse) which really makes Beca’s story dynamic compared to traditional Rom/Coms.

  3. I watched the movie Palm Spring on Hulu for this assignment. The movie centers around two people who meet at a wedding and end up getting stuck in a time loop repeating the same day over and over again. Some Static elements from this movie can be seen from the beginning with the classic troupe of two unlikely strangers coming together. Sarah, the bride’s sister and Nyles the boyfriend to bride’s friend meet at the wedding and decide to leave the wedding which leads to Sarah getting sucked into the time loop seeing as, Nyles had already been in it for a while. Another example can be seen in their hate to love relationship. Sarah when she meets Nyles is not the fondest of him in fact, she hates him once she realizes she is stuck in the time loop. Lastly, the conflict which tears their relationship apart followed by the scene which brings them back together. There is a big conflict when it is revealed that Sarah had slept with her sister’s fiancé the night before the wedding causing her to act differently towards Nyles the next time, they are together. She then gets into a right with a cop causing Nyles to get hurt, shortly after Nyles reveals to Sarah, they had slept together many times when he had previously told her that they never had. The night prior, Sarah and Nyles had slept together which is why this results in a big conflict because Sarah was under the impression that was the first time. She disappears for several days and there is another conflict when she discovers a way to escape the time loop and Nyles is hesitant resulting in the two going separate ways that night. The makeup scene comes when Nyles makes his way to the cave where the time loop happened to try to stop Sarah and he makes a big speech confessing his feelings towards her. Some Dynamic elements of the movie are in the overall use of the time loop which is not common for romantic comedies especially with its inclusion in the relationship of Sarah and Nyles. Both characters have a somewhat pessimistic view when talking about relationships and dealing with being alone which seemed similar to the characters in Annie Hall. Sarah is seen using this type of view towards life more often than Nyles is throughout the course of the movie. Examples of this are shown when Nyles shows up to the wedding in a bathing suit and Hawaiian shirt because he has already been stuck in the time loop for a while and knows the day will just repeat its self again. Or, when the audience learns about why Sarah was so unhappy at the wedding and she has to deal with her feelings of remorse afterwards. The film also tackles aspects of anxiety and depression within the two characters making the movie much more than just a romantic comedy but also allows for viewers to reflect on life choices and their lives in general. Unlike other romantic comedies the ending is left more or less for audience interpretation as the two are able to get out of the time loop and audiences are left wondering what may happen after this.

  4. The proposal (2009) is a well balanced rom com. It tries to focus on the balance of romance and comedy. It has some dynamic elements, the most noticeable one being the situation the main character is in. Being an immigrant from Canada, Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) forgets to file some forms for citizenship, and will be deported from the country, the only way of preventing this is if she marries a US citizen which leads her to Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds), her own co worker. Andrew however hates Margaret because she won’t make him an editor for the the company. They eventually come to an agreement that benefits both of them. The static characteristics of this film is that Margaret consistently embarrasses herself in front of Andrew’s parents. Doing things like, performing some sort of ritual with Andrew’s grandma, being on a phone call and having an eagle pick up the family dog, only to have her trade her phone to the eagle. She ends up losing her phone and has to get a new one. it’s probably one of, if not the funniest moment in the film.

  5. Palm Springs (2020) follows the typical boy-meets-girl and then shenanigans ensue formula that shows the static nature of rom-coms of this decade. It becomes more dynamic by combining those tropes with the Groundhog Day-esque nature of the story (the characters wake up in the same day again and again) which forces them to contend with their purgatory-like existence as they explore all the indulgences (and monotony) of life knowing they will wake up the next day without the consequences of any of their decisions. While there are certain static aspects of philosophizing about the nature of something (as seen in Annie Hall), Palm Springs feels like a more updated approach to such questions, perhaps because of how melancholy and existential the movie gets at certain points.

  6. For my blog I picked the 2004 Romantic Comedy “50 First Dates”. Starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. One of the static characteristics of the movie is how cliche the characters are. Henry,played by Adam Sandler, is a playboy that does not see himself settling down with one girl forever. However eventually he meets the girl that will change him forever. While Lucy, played by Drew Barrymore, is a super quirky girl who is super likeable and can do no wrong. Then there are the stereotypical wacky side characters that try to add more humor while the main characters are romancing.

    One of the dynamic characteristics of the movie is the set up for the romance and the location of the movie. The movie takes place in Hawaii, and even though the two main characters are not natives, some of the side characters are. This helps the Hawaian culture bleed through during the movie. The other Dynamic Characteristic of the movie is the set up. The set up of the movie is that Lucy’s memory restarts every night, from the day before her horrible car crash. This is to make Henry woo her over in different ways in a trial and error situation. The reason why this is dynamic compared to other Rom/Coms is because in other movies the two partners would have knowledge of each other from meeting the first time and falling in love twice. But Lucy falls in love with Henry everyday.

  7. To All the Boy’s i’ve Loved Before Forever and always (2021) this story is the third establishment of the New York Bestseller trilogy by Jenny Han, this movie adaptation of the books follows, Lara Jean a really quirky and romance obsessed teenager whom in the first movie/book had 5 of her love letters that weren’t meant to be sent to the person they are addressed to. This caused a ripple affect and dilemmas in LJ’s life. In this movie LJ, and Peter Kavinsky are trying to navigate through their last year of high school. They ultimately want to go to Stanford together and live happily ever after. Peter has been accepted to Stanford on a lacrosse scholarship, conflict arises when LJ has been rejected from Stanford, she ultimately has to decide between UC Berkley or NYU, the school she picks will determine her relationship with peter and if they can last the distance. This movie is very cute and funny and its a wonderful coming of age story.

  8. 27 Dresses (2008) follows an independent woman who likes the wrong guy and meets another guy, who she dislikes at first, but falls in love with and marries in the end. The guy and girl go on an adventure together, but a problem arises where it seems they should not be together, however, there is a big proclamation of love and they reunite following the “boy gets girl, loses girl, and gets girl back” plot. The film starts to stray from the classic characteristics involving some partying, drinking, and mentions having multiple partners. There is some self-deprecating humor involved as well as a sarcastic and sometimes harsh best friend giving her opinion on the situation.

  9. Always be my Maybe (2019) is a romantic comedy movie by Netflix. The movie is about two teenagers – Marcus and Sasha – that fall in and out of love. As adults, Marcus finds himself fighting with Sasha’s boyfriend: Keanu Reeves. Marcus and Sasha’s families live near each other in youth which leads them to a cute meet early on.

    The dynamic characteristics in this movie include marriage. Marcus and his hipster girlfriend, Jenny, get non-traditionally married (spiritually, but not legally). During Sasha’s temporary breakup with Marcus, she (traditionally) engages a rich man. Sasha is also portrayed as more successful than her childhood crush.

    The static characteristic in this movie is love, boy meets girl (loses girl, gets girl back), and ordinary problems (needing a girlfriend, etc). Marcus and Sasha deeply love each other since childhood despite breaking up. Their families are also supportive of them both!

    Certain topics (such as women’s rights) are not discussed in this movie, but it still has dynamic and static characteristics.

  10. Set It Up (2018) is a romantic comedy about two assistants who plan to set up their bosses with each other. The assistants become friends and spend a lot of time with each other, trying to set up their bosses, and end up falling in love. Some static characteristics is that two people meet (they have a “meet cute” at work), become friends, and fall in love with each other. What makes this dynamic is that they are working together to set up two other people (who end up breaking up) and they fall in love with each other.

  11. For the Rom-Com “Focus,” the static elements are guy and gal fall in love at work; guy breaks it off; they meet later; there is a crisis where they both think they will be killed; guy is shot dead (but isn’t); then they end up together walking into the emergency room.
    The dynamic spins are that they are both sophisticated, tech-savvy cons; use each other for separate marks so can’t trust and shouldn’t be together; the guy finds out in the end that the man who shot him is his father who saves his life but takes the millions.

  12. The movie 13 Going On 30 (2004) boasts many static characteristics of romantic comedies, including having Jenna (Jennifer Garner) and Matt (Mark Ruffalo) act out the stereotypical childhood-sweethearts-to-lovers and unrequited-love scenarios. The dynamic characteristics in this film involve some sort of “magic wishing dust” which transfers the thirteen-year-old Jenna into her thirty-year-old self’s body. If you can ignore the fact that this film has some clear May-December connotations due to Jenna’s (mental? actual?) age, then the rest of the scenarios are rather static in nature as well. The film also ends with them getting married and living happily ever after.

  13. The movie Bewitched(2005) has many unique characteristics that define it. Despite this, it still has a few qualities that follow the typical clichés of a rom-com. This story follows a movie star named Jack Wyatt who has a dwindling acting career and is trying to get himself back into the spotlight. In order to do this, he accepts an acting deal to play Darrin in a remake of the 1960’s sit-com Bewitched. While doing this, he comes across a woman named Isabel Bigelow, who turns out to be an actual witch. One example of a “static” characteristic in this rom-com involves the bookstore scene. In this scene, Jack sees Isabel for the first time and it follows the “love at first sight” stereotype. Some more cliché tropes are Jack’s flamboyant and big headed personality, Isabel being an accessory of the male love interest, and Isabel’s father telling her to “stay true to herself”. An example of a “dynamic” characteristic would be Isabel’s want to be normal and to not be a witch, which is far different from most rom-coms, as usually one love interest is desperately trying to be quirky and stand out. Another unique characteristic would be that Jack starts to hate Isabel after he finds out she’s a witch. Instead of loving her for who she is, like the typical pattern of most rom-coms, he acts negatively towards her and this really surprises the audience.

  14. My Big Fat Greek Wedding follows Toula, a young Greek woman as she tries to figure out a life for herself while being pressured to marry and start a family as family tradition demanded. The movie follows the usual static romcom plotline of what seems love at first sight with Toula’s family objecting because her boyfriend Ian wasn’t Greek. What feels dynamic regarding this film though is its emphasis on the culture of Toulsa’s Greek family and the quirkiness that came with them. Such emphasis brought most of the comedic parts of the film, including her father using Windex to clean wounds to the family confusion about the hole in a bundt cake given to them.

  15. The romantic comedy movie, “50 First Dates” directed by Peter Segal was filmed and released in 2004. This film is able to be recognized as a romantic comedy because of its static characteristics that romantic comedies entail. These static characteristics are also included in the previous two films we watched titled, “It Happened One Night” and “Annie Hall” because they are also romantic comedies just from a different time period.
    The static characteristics included in “50 First Dates” are shown simply by the dramatic love story told with humorous effects. The two main characters were introduced in the first 20 minutes of the film. The two characters that fall in love are Doug, played by Adam Sandler, and Lucy, played by Drew Barrymore. They would not have originally met or had the events occur how they did because of Doug’s dysfunctional love background. Doug runs into a problem when he discovers Lucy’s memory problem, but he decides to work through it for her. Doug falls in love, but Lucy accidentally hears about how Doug stayed back from his trip to help her and she decides she doesn’t want that for him. She breaks up with him. Later, they reunite because he discovers she still remembers him. They work out this problem and end up happily ever after. Doug has a friend, Ula, who plays the significant role of being Doug’s supportive friend and adds to the humor of the movie. These steps throughout the movie are static characteristics of romantic comedies and are included throughout this genre.
    There are also dynamic characteristics involved in this romantic comedy film because of the time period it was filmed in. The two main characters are big time in the film world, drawing an audience that otherwise might not watch this genre of film. The way Doug flirts with Lucy in a modern way through their actions. Doug’s actions are different than the other two films from previous decades because those were more formal, hidden, and chivalrous. Doug’s actions were more blunt and more obvious.

  16. For this post I chose the movie Always Be My Maybe (2019). It is about the two main characters Sahsha and Marcus who are played by Ali Wong and Randall Park. Sasha is a sucessful chef and Randall stays behind in their hometown to work with his dad. They are both childhood friends because they were neighbors growing up and Sasha was very close with Marcu’s family. They spend one night with each other before Sasha leaves for college and then have a falling out which leads them to never talking again until she is opening up a restaurant in her hometown, San Fransico. The big dynamic charactersistic is throughout the movie you can see them slowly change when they are together and make each other a better person. It shows static through Marcus with him staying in their hometown because he was scared to branch out he would not even go to the other side of town for his band. It is a very good movie with a diverse cast I would highly recommend it and if you like the actors Ali Wong has two stand-up specials on Netflix and Randall Park played the dad from Fresh off the Boat and Jimmy Woo in the Marvel Universe

  17. For my blog post I chose to watch “The Kissing Booth” that was released in 2018 exclusively on Netflix. This movie focuses on Elle King’s everyday life that generally involves hanging out with her best friend Lee on a daily basis. Throughout the film she describes how she has always had a secret crush on Lee’s brother, Noah, but following the best friend guidelines that Lee and Elle made when they were younger makes her relationship that evolves with Noah very complicated. I would say that the “static” characteristic of this film is that sometimes you want what may not be right for you or what you cannot have. Elle struggles to find the courage to tell her best friend about the hidden relationship that has begun with his brother. I don’t want to spoil the ending, but this component also puts sort of a damper on Lee and Elle’s relationship when he finds out accidentally. I think a dynamic characteristic in this film would be the fact that it included the carnival that included “The Kissing Booth,” I think that this portion of the film allowed an older audience to have the memories of going to the fair and playing games with their dates or whoever they might have gone with during the time. The filmmakers incorporate “The Kissing Booth” concept relatively well making sure that it is still relevant to how teenagers may go out on dates during this generation. It was nice to watch a different kind of date occur between partners rather than what other movies focus on, such as dinner and a movie, then a trip back home, etc. Overall, if you’re looking for a really cute, cheesy movie then this one’s for you.

  18. Leap Year (2010) is a romantic comedy focused on Amy Adam’s character Anna Brady who is a successful real estate stager who is hoping that her boyfriend of five years will propose to her. Unfortunately for her, he gifts her earrings instead of a ring before leaving for Ireland on a medical trip. Since it’s a leap year, Anna discovers a tradition that on Leap Day, the woman can propose to the man. She travels, very chaotically, to Ireland and meets Declan who just might change her mind and her plans. The “static” characteristic of this movie is that Anna realizes she was wrong about what she wanted for her life, the trope that is most common in recent romantic comedies. The apartment she and her boyfriend apply to live in is at the top of the list of what she wants for herself and Declan, her other love interest changes her mind about this and she realizes that and leaves to be with him. An example of the “dynamic” is when Anna ends up with her boyfriend and gets the apartment she’s always wanted, however, she realizes that none of these things fulfill her or make her feel happy. She leaves all of this in the middle of her engagement party and travels to Ireland, coming back to Declan who left when her boyfriend proposed. This goes along the classic dynamic of the woman coming back to the man she loves shortly after realizing it.

  19. “Another Cinderella Story” (2008) is a retelling of the very classic Disney tale of “Cinderella”. The movie revolves around a high school girl who dreams of going dance school (Mary) and a celebrity who has come back to high school for his senior year (Joey). The most obvious static characteristic in this movie is how the two meet: a school dance. Additionally, Mary isn’t the most popular girl in school and she doesn’t really care about Joey, but ends up falling for him anyway after seeing what he’s like out of the spotlight (classic). A dynamic characteristic of this movie is how independent Mary is. She lives with her stepmom and stepsisters, but she is actually the primary caretaker. When Mary meets Joey, the audience are led to believe that she needs him in order for her to go to dance school, but the truth of the matter is that Mary has the skill to get into the dance school all by herself.

  20. “50 first dates” has static characteristics, such as having characters that only add to the entirety movie, providing background, and of course that there is a love story, these qualities are in every Rom-Com. Adding disabilities into movies is a newer concept in film, which embraces society. Lucy’s amnesia is vital to the love story showing how Roth matures and how they can have a life together. Male-dominated choices are seen in early Rom-Coms, but as time progresses, women are seen as more independent, it is essential that they are also seen as strong and able to have their own choices.

  21. “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” was directed by Donald Petrie in 2003 and is one of my favorite romantic comedies. There are many static characteristics in this movie that represent a “normal” romantic comedy. The movie is built around a guy, Benjamin, played by Matthew McConaughey, and a girl, Andie Anderson, played by Kate Hudson, who go through a dramatic love story and eventually fall in love. It includes some humor and drama throughout the movie to keep the audience engaged. This movie also shows dynamic characteristics as well. “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” is not a “typical” romantic movie. Andie, a writer for a popular women’s magazine, is doing a piece on “How to lose a guy in 10 days” and Benjamin, who works in advertisement, made a deal on “how to make a girl fall in love with you in 10 days,” to win an office bet. They then fall in love in an unusual way. They don’t start by wanting to be with each other and end up flirting in a modern way, by sending an abundance of flowers to her workplace in order to make a spectacle or Andie asking Benjamin to go to a basketball game. Towards the end of the movie they eventually fall in love creating the dramatic love story we all love to watch.

  22. Shaun of the Dead (2004) is in many ways a traditional static romantic comedy. Boy loves girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back. Shaun has three goals in the film, first he has to bring flowers to his mom, second get Liz back, and third he needs to sort his life out. On its own that would be a difficult task, but where this film really subverts the genre is that it takes place during a zombie apocalypses. While watching the film you are so focused on the immediate threat that you almost do not notice that Shaun is fixing all the behaviors that Liz criticized him for when they broke up. In short Shaun of the Dead is a static romantic comedy with a setting that you would not expect to find a romantic comedy.

  23. The 2011 romantic comedy film I watched was “Just Go with It”, featuring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston. It follows the static formula similar to “It Happened One Night” where one person is hoping to marry someone, but ends up realizing they are in love with the person they are pretending to be married to. Danny (Adam Sandler) lies that he’s married to his assistant, Katherine (Jennifer Anniston) so that he can win over the woman he thinks he loves, Palmer (Brooklyn Decker). As the film progresses, Danny’s lies cause more trouble that he and Katherine then have to manage in a comedic way. As they work through the situation, they each realize that they love each other, get married and live happily ever after. A dynamic characteristics in this film is the location, Hawaii, where they spend a luxurious tropical vacation. In modern times, Hawaii is a desired vacation spot. Another dynamic characteristic is the fact that Katherine is a single mother with two children. Women have become more independent compared to earlier rom-com films.

  24. “The Big Sick” (2017) tells the story of Kumail and Emily as they strike up a relationship after a one-night stand. Emily is hospitalized with a serious lung infection. Kumail and Emily break-up during this process of dealing with her lung infection as she is put into an induced coma. The static element presiding in this movie is that the two main characters meet and have a one night stand. This is common in some romcoms as the two main characters meet in this way. Dynamic aspect of this film comes as Kumail befriends Emily’s parents and remains emotionally attached during Emily’s illness. Emily also refuses to take Kumail back when he comes to her welcome home party which is another dynamic aspect as well.

  25. “500 Days of Summer” is a 2009 romantic comedy that tackles the not a love story love story between Tom and Summer. The film was made to challenge the typical tropes from romance movies. Tom is the main character, as the movie focuses on how his relationship with Summer affects him. Though he is deeply in love with her, she makes it clear to him that she isn’t looking for a serious boyfriend. He ignores her warnings and falls for her anyway. From his point of view, it’s a typical romance as he thinks that they are destined to be together. On the other hand, Summer’s character has been pinned what some call a “manic pixie dream girl,” since her inclusion in the story is only to further Tom’s character development since she has no goals or personality outside of being Tom’s love interest. However, I still think that she is a dynamic character. She does have goals and a personality that does not revolve around Tom, even though he can’t seem to grasp that. The film follows stereotypes of the genre such as fate and true love, only to break them down in the end when Summer marries another man. She tells Tom that he was right about true love, just wrong about her being the one for him. In one scene, Tom gets into a fight with a guy in a bar defending Summer, but she gets angry with him, stating that he doesn’t have to do things like that since they aren’t dating. From creation, the film set out to take what the audience knows about love stories and turn that on its head. Even when the audience along with Tom begins to think that fate is a silly concept and that we make our own destinies, the film ends with Tom asking a girl out on a date and then finding out her name is Autumn with a final wink to the camera. Though the film just spent the last two hours making the audience question the existence of fate not only in movies but in the real world, it tears all of that down again with just the inclusion of her name.

  26. Crazy, Stupid, Love is a 2011 film directed by Glenn Ficarra that shows static characteristics of a typical romantic comedy mixed with elements of dynamicity. The story follows a man whose wife has cheated on him with a coworker and wants a divorce. The most static characteristic of this movie is how Cal, the main character, goes on an emotional rollercoaster to win back his wife. Along the way he meets, Jacob Palmer, a womanizer who helps bring Cal confidence and guile to his once awkward personality. The addition of Jacob brings dynamic characteristics into this movie. He shows Cal how to pick up women at the bar, how to approach them over the phone, and how to modernly dress. The viewers get to see Cal’s progression throughout the film. The road to becoming a self-assured man is filled with failures and triumphs and ultimately a good number of laughs that keep the audience entertained throughout the movie. With the help of Jacob, Cal eventually wins back his wife in the end, completing the static characteristic of a Romantic Comedy.

  27. I picked the 2018 romantic comedy film Crazy Rich Asians directed by Jon M. Chu and starring Constance Wu and Henry Golding. The film is based on the 2013 novel of the same name. This film’s “static” features are shown by the romantic comedy formula the film takes where a couple is dating, and then events that affect the couple and almost end up with the two separating, only for the two to come back together in the end. However, the film also has some dynamic elements where in this case the main character Rachel is trying to earn Eleanor’s respect to let her and Nick be together. This dynamic element is what almost forces the couple away from eachother until the end where Nick proposes to Rachel on the plane.

  28. The 2006 movie “John Tucker Must Die” directed by Betty Thomas and starring Britney Snow, Penn Badgley, and Jesse Metclaffe follows the typical early 2000s romantic comedy plot of high school social status dramatics. The star of the basketball team, John Tucker collectively cheats on three different girls who are all the heads of their individual social circles. For example, one of them is the lead cheerleader, another is the editor of the school newspaper, and the third is the most popular girl that’s part of the “vegan” group. Another classic plot line is of course the protagonist, Beth, is the most “normal” girl in school, someone who no-one even knows her name. She joins together with the other girls to help them get revenge on John Tucker. While this is happening Beth is falling in love with someone who is categorized as a “loser” and who also happens to be John Tucker’s younger brother Scott.
    A static characteristic of this movie is how cliche all of the characters as well as the social scene is in the high school where most of the movie takes place. Girls are viewed as comically emotional and gullible, they are easily persuaded by John Tucker into forgiving him as well as causing giant dramatic scenes when they find out how he is cheating on them which leads the viewer to see the girls in a negative light even though John Tucker is really the unhinged one. Another example of this is during one of the girls plots to get revenge on him they put estrogen in his protein powder, this then causes him to act extremely emotional during a basketball game. He even talks about how his breasts are sore and storms out during of the middle of the game in tears, while eating a chocolate bar.
    A dynamic characteristic of this movie is the classic secret deal made between characters that compromises the one true relationship that prevails in the end. An example of this is how in “10 Things I Hate About You” another rom-com, Heath Ledgers character is paid to take out the protagonist and ends up falling in love with her. In the “John Tucker Must Die” instance, the team of girls come up with a final act of revenge, getting Beth to date John Tucker and then break his heart. This of course complicates and causes conflict in her relationship with Scott. Their relationship, of course works out.

  29. I watched “When We First Met” from 2018. The general plot is about Noah who is in love with Avery, but she marries another guy. He finds a magic photobooth to travel back in time to when they first meet and win her over, again and again. Each time she falls in love with the same guy. By the end of the movie he realises they weren’t meant to be together and Noah and Avery’s best friend end up being soulmates. This movie caught the static trope in romantic movies of realizing the person they thought was the one, ended up not being right. There was clear growth in the movie that is common in romances of self-fulfillment.

  30. I decided to talk about the Adam Sandler film ‘Just Go with it’ (2011); The first time I saw this film was due to someone stealing my mother’s identity and accidentally shipping it to the billing address instead of their own address. The RomCom starts with a traditional setup- recently heartbroken Danny Maccabee uses his assistant (Jennifer Aniston) to pretend to be his ex-wife so he can impress the girl of his dreams, only to find out that the assistant is the girl of his dreams. I feel as if the structure of this film is going against the grain of RomCom tropes; having kids involved being a massive staple of Adam Sandler RomComs like Jack and Jill. I feel as if the children in the films shackle Sandler to the traditional tropes of things working out in the end and the twist soulmate trope. Sandlers RomCom filmography is inherently shackled to the traditional RomCom format so much so that it’s become quite a joke.

  31. The Netflix original, Someone Great (2019) is a romantic comedy about a girl named Jenny who gets broken up by her long-time boyfriend, Nate while getting ready to move to her dream job in San Francisco. She goes on one last adventure with her best friends to a pop-up concert that also happened to be one they had all gone to previous years before when Jenny and Nate were still together. The “static” features of the film are portrayed by Jenny and Nate, the couple that was in love for 9 years. They met at a party in college when Jenny was very nervous and paranoid about seeing a guy she had a thing with named Matt, who had just blown her off. While nervously looking around with her best friends at the party, they see Nate for the first time. He and Jenny have their first interaction and were together ever since. The “dynamic” element of the film is the conflict that keeps the couple from staying together. Nate broke up with Jenny because she was moving and he did not believe they would last through long distance. The movie shows frequent flashbacks of the couple’s fights. The movie ends with the best friends, Leah and Blair finding Jenny at a fountain that Nate had drawn their initials with a heart around when they had first started dating. After catching each. other up on their romantic situations, they leave after Jenny pukes in the fountain.

  32. LOVE, SIMON (2018): For some dynamic elements, both protagonists of this book-to-movie adaptation are boys. In queer rom-coms, an assumption about the nature of who chases who isn’t easily drawn. Additionally, they never explicitly meet in-person until the very end. They also do not embrace the “opposites-attract” element of standard rom-coms. From its conception, their relationship is about their similarities. Some static elements incorporate the “falling-out” trope at the plot’s climax, the bold-display-of-love-turned-happy-ending at its conclusion, and that common essence where the person the protagonist should fall in love with has been in front of them the entire time.

    WC: 99

  33. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World revolves around the pair of the titular character and his love interest Ramona Flowers as he combats her seven ex-romantic partners to qualify as her genuine boyfriend. Static elements are the characteristics a film must or typically have to belong to a particular genre. Dynamic elements are nuanced, “innovative” aspects of a film dissimilar from other, older genre films, meant to represent an evolution in conventions. Scott Pilgrim vs. World’s static elements lie in emphasizing that its male and female lead falling in love by the end of the film, its hosting of challengers to the male and female lead’s gradual romantic entanglement in which the male has to overcome through growing and learning about oneself. The show’s video game-like premise and presentation where fights between Scott and an ex emulate that of an arcade fighting and normal scenes, romantic scenes and transitions between scenes appearing comic book-like or acting comic book-like (in the sense that dialogue and key moments feel stilted) serve as dynamic elements

    • must have or typically has in order to*

      fighting game*

      lie in how the primary love interest is the answer to the lead’s problems , the gradual romantic entanglement between them and the love interest and the challenges to that relationship, inherently tied to the protagonist who overcomes them through self-reflection, strenghtening the relationship in the process.. Scott starts out as the type to hop around from girl to girl, treating them merely as objects for his affection. Ramona becomes the exception once she enters his life, as seven ex-lovers from her past emerge to challenge Scott, thus necessitating he defeat them to earn the right to continue to date her,. By the end, the Scott is more confident in themselves and more sensitive to Ramona’s and his ex Knives’ feelings*

      The dynamic elements lie in the frequent arcade-like audio inserts, visual effects and ruleset– confrontations take the form of 80s side-scrolling fighting games like Street Fighter–and its basic transitions, normal scenes and even romantic scenes all taking on comic book-tropes, like posing scenes in panels and firing dialogue and key moments like quips; often complemented by large, flashy, dramatic sets set pieces.*

  34. The film I Feel Pretty (2018) revolves around the character Renee, who is conventionally unattractive. This prevents her from pursuing her dream job and finding love. After she bumps her head she wakes up perceiving herself as beautiful even though her appearance does not actually change. Some “static” features are that this film utilizes the ugly duckling trope, and also the inevitable separation of the couple at some point in the film for dramatic effect. The “dynamic” feature of the film is the fact that the character never changes her appearance to become more beautiful, she just gains more confidence.

  35. John Whitesell’s _The Holidate_ (2020) centers around a young woman and a young man tired of the family pressures of dating. In order to avoid awkward and personal questions from family members during the holidays, they team up to sever as each others’ plus one for the holidays. After several fake dates, they being to catch feelings for each other. This situation is classic for rom-coms where the two main characters do not initially like each other and do not become romantically involved because they are only pretending to date for the sake of others. It also includes the static element of the big fight, where the characters reach a misunderstanding and fall out. It is also implied throughout the entire movie that these characters would make a good love match despite the situation. The dynamic characteristic of this movie is the holiday date situation that the characters are in. It drives them together, apart, and then eventually back together again. It plays into what many young adults experience today, the pressure to be in a serious relationship once you reach a certain age.

  36. A romantic comedy that shows both static and dynamic characteristics is the Disney movie “Aladdin” (2019). As everyone mostly knows, Aladdin is about a man that lives on the streets and goes around stealing things to survive. While in the streets, he meets a princess that is disguised as a regular town person so she doesn’t get recognized as the princess of Agrabah. One static characteristic of “Aladdin” is how Aladdin spends most of the movie trying to win over Jasmine in whatever way he can. The dynamic characteristic of “Aladdin” is how Aladdin changes himself from a street thief to a sudden grand prince with a lot of money, animals, and jewels just to win over princess Jasmine. This isn’t the usual way to get the girl which makes it dynamic because it changes from the usual way to get the girl. By the end of the movie, Aladdin realizes he doesn’t need to be a grand prince to get Jasmine and just be himself and finally ends up with Jasmine

  37. In Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (2010) there are a lot of typical rom com elements used but Edgar Wright twists the plot to be just a little different. We have typical love triangles and the conflict between boyfriend and newly introduced ex-boyfriends but it is slightly embellished and the film is dynamic in this way. After Scott meets Ramona Flowers he falls in love and starts dating her. It isn’t until after this that he breaks up with his current girlfriend. The trope of cheating present here and important to the conclusion of the story is a static element. Upon dating Ramona Scott must defeat her seven evil exes in a fight which is like a hyperbolic trope of competing with past boyfriends present in some rom-coms. In this way the film is dynamic in that it twists those static characteristics of rom-coms. The most prevalent reason for this film being a dynamic rom-com is that in the end Scott learns that he is doing this for himself rather than for Ramona. Majority of rom-coms focus on the love story but this film makes a point through Scott that you can only find love if you find yourself.

  38. 17 Again (2009) is not your typical rom-com movie because the main character tries to recover his lost marriage while reliving his past. The main character Mike O’Donnell was a star high-school basketball player who threw away his future to marry his girlfriend and raise their child. After almost 20 years, Mike’s marriage failed, his kids do not like him, and his job is going nowhere. But he gets a second chance to correct his mistakes when he is miraculously transformed into a teenager. But in trying to fix his past, Mike may change his present and future. A static characteristic in this movie, like many other rom-coms, is the main character wanting to win his girl back. The dynamic characteristic in this movie is when Mike O’Donnell is transformed into a teenager in order to win his girl back. This dynamic characteristic is rather odd because in real life people are not able to transform into their former teenage self and have a chance to make different choices that may have an effect on their present/future. By the end of the movie Mike O’Donnell came to realize that he would not change anything about his past.

  39. I decided to watch the movie, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, which stars actor and actress Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson. The story is about a man who works for an advertising agency and a woman who works as a writer for a popular magazine. The woman must get a man to break up with her for a story she is writing, and the man must get a girl to fall in love with him to win a bet and to get ahead in his career. Both of these things must happen in ten days. During these ten days, they both fall in love with each other, only to break up once they find out that they were both using each other. In the end, they both realize that they were meant for one another, and the movie ends with the couple getting back together. The static characteristics of this movie is that the plot follows the typical story circle of a rom-com. The typical story circle is that the two people meet and accidentally or surprisingly (not so surprising to the viewer) fall in love. Eventually, some sort of conflict arises and the couple breaks up. The couple realizes soon after realizing that they are meant to be together and the movie ends with a happy ending. Rom-coms are also usually light hearted and have happy endings.

    In regards to dynamic characteristics, the movie shows this by having a unique storyline within the story circle. The fact that both characters were using the other is something that makes this story unique. Also, because this movie was made in 2003, it was relevant in the way the movie was centered on how men and women navigate and deal with relationships in that day and age. To add to the topic dynamic characteristics, when looking at how rom- coms have changed over the past 40 years, we see how, in the past, rom-coms have put a huge focus on the main actors. What added to the appeal of these movies was that it seemed like the main characters had a relationship outside of the movie. Although the two main characters in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days are famous actors, I don’t think that is what made viewers watch this movie. The dynamic aspects of the movie were so outrageous in a way that I don’t believe that was the case with this movie.

  40. The movie “50 First Dates” is a romantic comedy that follows the love story of a woman with short-term memory loss and a man who falls for her. A static characteristic in this movie is the two main characters. There isn’t a diversity between them, where instead background and side characters make up the lack of it. A dynamic characteristic is the disability the female lead has. The “helpless female” cliché becomes reimagined because she is empowered by the love and support those around her give. She spreads the message that you can still be strong while having a disability.

  41. I chose to write about Knocked Up (2007), a romantic comedy that follows a lazy stoner man-child, Ben, who has a one-night stand with a career driven reporter, Alison. After the drunken fling, she realizes she is pregnant and decides to keep the baby despite pressure from her mother and sister. He is unwilling to take responsibility for it at first, but as the movie progresses, he steps up and takes responsibility, and starts a relationship with Alison. This movie shows the dynamics of rom-coms when compared to It Happened One Night and Annie Hall, because of the different dynamic elements of the genre as well as the static elements. In every rom-com, a couple must go through the “will they, won’t they” phase where they love each other but then dislike each other as they fall for each other, and this is seen in Ben’s responsibility and attitude towards the baby as well as their relationship. Another static element is a figure in the woman’s life (Ellen Andrew’s father, Annie Hall’s Grammy, and Alison’s mother) that disapproves of the relationship, or says to the lead woman that “They only want what’s right for her”. The dynamic elements that always change are the male and female roles, especially the characteristics of the leading man. Compare the heroic and masculine Peter Warne vs the neurotic Alvy vs the lazy Ben, two of which are not very romantic. Female roles tend to be independent woman who are modern, such as Ellie Andrews, Annie Hall, or Alison. I think that these are important to note, because 1934, 1970s, and the early 2000s are all after a feminist wave, so these movies serve to reexamine women’s role in society and renegotiate the contract of romance, as well as look at the influence that the pre-feminist wave society tries to exert over the modern woman.

  42. I chose to watch Kissing Booth (2018) on Netflix. The film features three major characters best friends Elle and Lee, and Lee’s older brother Noah. Elle and Lee have a significant rule not to date each other’s relatives, but this rule gets difficult to follow after Elle accidentally kisses Noah at a kissing booth. The static characteristics of the film include the changes in Noah’s and Elle’s life when they enter into a relationship. Elle must keep the relationship a secret from Lee, this secret relationship trope continues for a good part of the film. The dynamic part of the film would be Elle growing as a character independently, while also no longer hiding her relationship with Noah from Lee.

  43. The movie “50 First Dates” starring Adam Sandler is a romcom about a woman with short term memory loss and that Henry is falling for her, but due to her memory, he must win her over every day. The static characteristic between the 1940’s romcoms and this movie is the simplicity of a guy trying to win over a woman throughout movie; but in this one he does this multiple times, 50 to be exact. The dynamic characteristic in this movie is that they have incorporated disabilities which is the one of the main focal points of this movie. Showing how even with this disability Lucy shows how women have also developed independence in films which also portrays in real time as well

  44. Palm Springs (2020) is in many ways a traditional romantic comedy. Even though the film’s plot is centered around the dynamic element of an infinite time loop, the plot largely follows in the same vein of romantic comedies that have come before it. This observation is not meant to be interpreted as a sleight against the film in anyway, as the film utilized existing tropes and static characteristics of the romantic comedy genre quite well. As many have already described the plot adequately, I’ll look to break down the static and dynamic characteristics in significantly more depth.

    Some of the more conventional static characteristics utilized include: the unlikely meeting and falling in love of the two main protagonists, the utilization of the boy-meets-girl then shenanigans ensue trope, the temporary breakup and reconciliation of the two lovers, single characters being depressed and philosophizing/moping about the meaning of love and life, and finally, a relatively traditional happy ending. It also utilized a montage to tell the story of a character (Sarah) who was previously out of the picture for a while.

    Some of the more dynamic characteristics apparent in the film are: Extraordinary problems instead of ordinary (trapped in time loop), a rejection of the polar opposites cliché (to a significant degree anyway), and a by-and-large rejection of the comic best-friend cliché.

    (Many people that watch the film may interpret the static characteristic of polar opposites as being largely present, but I felt that other than Nyles’ and Sarah’s views on staying or leaving the time loop, they largely agreed upon everything else. I’m not claiming that they agreed on absolutely everything else, but rather that there was so much overlap between their personalities, it dwarfed the discrepancies. I personally found it refreshing that the two of them had common interests as it felt more realistic to me as a viewer, than the relationships purely built around the old static characteristic of polar opposites who have almost nothing in common.)

    The “best friend” of this movie, if you don’t count the two protagonists, is actually an ex-best friend of sorts to Nyles. For a single night (and later a brief conversation at his house in which he forgives Nyles for trapping him in the time loop and offers his insight), Roy, who literally kills Nyles multiple times and gets run over by Sarah, is arguably Nyles’ best friend. Other than that, Roy (along with the time loop, the actual antagonist) plays the antagonist role, although you can argue that towards the end of the film, especially in the post-credits scene, he transitions to more of a static comic friend role.

  45. Palm Springs (2020) is a romantic comedy that in many ways follows in the foot steps of the established romantic comedies that came before it, while also managing to break outside the bounds of most traditional romantic comedies.

    Some of the more static characteristics of romantic comedies utilized in the film include: the unlikely first encounter between the two leads, the boy-meets-girl and then shenanigans ensue trope, the temporary breakup, depression, philosophizing, and inevitable reconciliation of the relationship, and finally a relatively traditional happy ending. The film also utilizes a montage to tell the story of what Sarah did while she was alone.

    An analyzation of the dynamic characteristics of romantic comedies in the film reveals: an extraordinary problem (time loop) instead of an ordinary one, a by-and-large rejection of the comic-best-friend cliché, and an arguable rejection of the polar opposites cliché. I think of all of these, the rejection of the polar opposites trope is the least defendable position, as the two lovers’ views on leaving the time loop are initially conflicting, but after Nyles comes around, he and Sarah are back to being more alike than they are different. One final interesting dynamic characteristic of this film is it’s rejection of the comic-best-friend trope. In fact, barring one night with Roy (and a meeting at Roy’s house), it could be argued that Roy and Nyles are more so enemies than friends. The only grander antagonist than Roy is the time loop itself.

  46. 17 Again (2009) is not your typical rom-com movie because the main character tries to recover his lost marriage while reliving his past. The main character Mike O’Donnell was a star high-school basketball player who threw away his future to marry his girlfriend and raise their child. After almost 20 years, Mike’s marriage failed, his kids do not like him, and his job is going nowhere. But he gets a second chance to correct his mistakes when he is miraculously transformed into a teenager. But in trying to fix his past, Mike may ruin his present and future. A static characteristic in this movie is Mike wanting to win his girl back, like in most rom-coms. The dynamic characteristic in this movie is when Mike O’Donnell is transformed into a teenager in order to win his girl back. This dynamic characteristic is rather odd because in real life people are not able to transform into their former teenage self and have a chance to make different choices that may have an effect on their present/future.

  47. 17 Again (2009) is not your typical rom-com movie because the main character tries to recover his lost marriage while reliving his past. The main character Mike O’Donnell was a star high-school basketball player who threw away his future to marry his girlfriend and raise their child. After almost 20 years, Mike’s marriage failed, his kids do not like him, and his job is going nowhere. But he gets a second chance to correct his mistakes when he is miraculously transformed into a teenager. But in trying to fix his past, Mike may ruin his present and future. A static characteristic in this movie is Mike wanting to win his girl back. The dynamic characteristic in this movie is when Mike O’Donnell is transformed into a teenager in order to win his girl back. This dynamic characteristic is rather odd because in real life people are not able to transform into their former teenage self and have a chance to make different choices that may have an effect on their present/future.

  48. Enchanted (2007) follows the protagonist Giselle, a fairy-tale character transported to the real world by an evil queen. There she meets a no-nonsense divorce lawyer Robert and he helps her when he finds her wandering New York City alone. This movie follows the static trope of “realizing their significant other isn’t the one” when both Giselle and Robert break up with their partners to become a couple, but the film adds a twist of fantasy and parody of traditional fairy tale movies in the plot. The movie also follows the opposites attract trope with whimsical, cheery Giselle and serious, down-to-earth Robert.

  49. For my post I picked the 2001 wildly popular animated film, Shrek. The first Shrek movie is based around mocking cliches of Disney films at the time, but the true heart of the film and what it’s REALLY about is the relationship between Shrek and Fiona. The film follows a basic setup of a romantic comedy with a lot of static characteristics, with the boy meets girl, couple falls in love, faces trials and eventually overcomes them and affirms their love. What makes it more dynamic is the film’s sarcastic tone and sense of humor, and how it shows both main characters as deeply flawed with a lot of emotional baggage. The two leads also aren’t super attractive fairy tale characters, in fact they are both literally ogres, and the film is about how that’s okay, and how love can come in all forms, and it defies convention by being a romantic comedy fairy tale type, but not playing by any of the rules.

  50. The movie for this blog I chose was “50 First Dates” filmed in 2004 starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. This film delivers a common theme found in romantic comedies. Throughout this film, it displays some of the important attributes that are needed for it to be classified as a romantic comedy. For example, a problem that is relatable, the exposition of the future romantic characters meeting in a comedic setting and opposite personalities of each other. In this film, Adam Sandler can be found enchanting for Drew Barrymore’s love each and every day which can be seen in movies from older generations.

  51. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003) is non- traditional example of a Romantic Comedy. Andie is a writer for a women’s magazine and is an expert in the subject of “how to,” and is writing a new article titled “How to lose a guy in 10 days.” In short, she is going to date a man and drive him away by making classic “mistakes” that women make in relationships. Ben challenges his supervisor that he can make a woman fall in love with him in 10 days. The two meet and neglect to reveal their motives and despite some rocky patches, due to their undisclosed motives, fall in love. A dynamic characteristic of the film is the two falling in love, despite Andie intending on not doing so. A static characteristic is Ben doing everything he can to win her over.

  52. Nacho Libre (2006) starring Jack Black counts as a romantic comedy because the film has a lot of aspects of romantic comedies, beginning with the fact that the lead character, Nacho, wants to marry a Sister at the monastery he is a cook for. Static aspects of the film include Nacho doing many actions and saying certain things to impress the Sister so that she may notice him and also inviting her into his quarters for some toast. Dynamic aspects of the film include Nacho becoming a Lucha Libre wrestler to raise funds to support the monastery as a whole, not just the Sister he is trying to court. Nacho has to hide the fact that he is a Luchador because it is against the monastery’s rules, but eventually they find out but the monastery and Sister accept it anyways, another dynamic aspect.

  53. Legally Blonde (2001) stars Reese Witherspoon who plays Elle Woods, a blonde sorority girl, whose main goal throughout the movie is to win back her ex-boyfriend, Warner, after he broke up with her because she was not serious or smart enough to be a senator’s boyfriend. On the surface, this film has many of the staple characteristics of a romantic comedy such as a happy ending, polar opposite lovers, and comedic scenes and characters. Although this film is different from others because although the plot is following Elle trying to get her boyfriend back, it is possibly more about her challenging the stereotypes of blonde sorority girls and becoming a successful Harvard Law graduate.

  54. About Time (2013) is a rom com with a twist: the male lead can time travel, and his actions change the course of the main relationship throughout the movie. This time travel ability is the most major dynamic characteristic of this movie, but there is also a large focus on the main character’s family. Another dynamic feature is that the movie continues even after the main couple gets together, which most rom-coms don’t do. Some static characteristics of this movie are that the main couple have a “love at first sight” kind of meeting, but even that is dynamically changed by the time traveling.

  55. Happiest Season was released on Hulu in 2020. The two main characters, Abby and Harper, have been dating for about a year when the movie starts. Harper decides to invite Abby home for the holidays. The twist is that Harper has told her conservative family that Abby is just her roommate rather than her girlfriend. This leads to some fun romcom shenanigans as Abby pretends to be straight, and some less fun shenanigans as Harper treats Abby poorly and is forced to hide her sexuality. A dynamic characteristic is that a queer relationship is at the center of the story. A static characteristic is a big fight driving the two leads apart for a period of time before they get back together in a happy reunion at the very end of the movie.

  56. Nutty Professor 2(2000) starring Eddie Murphy is a romantic drama which covers all bases. Sherman Klump is getting married. His alter-ego from the first film is back and trying to make it on his own. Buddy keeps resurfacing in untimely outburst which puts the soon to be newly weds love to the test. The static properties of the movie is the problems that keep coming up during the movie. The dynamic is how buddy and Klump keep fluctuating for power of the body and how buddy would talk too other women when I would be in control.

  57. Nutty Professor 2(2000) starring Eddie Murphy is a romantic drama which covers all bases. Sherman Klump is getting married. His alter-ego from the first film is back and trying to make it on his own. Buddy keeps resurfacing in untimely outburst which puts the soon to be newly weds love to the test. The static properties of the movie is the problems that keep coming up during the movie. The dynamic is how buddy and Klump keep fluctuating for power of the body and how buddy would talk too other women when I would be in control….

  58. This film shows static characteristics of the romantic comm genre through the relationship between Woody and Diane. Even though the movie was ever changing, and Woody and Diane were off and on as a couple in the movie, their connection never ended. That was the beauty of the movie. Another example is that this movie was the blueprint for most of the indie comedies made in the 21st century. It differs from most of the romantic comedies made at that time because the movie does end in a happy ending, or should I say marriage. The film shows dynamic characteristics of romantic comedy by showing that love and relationships are ever changing, no matter if a couple are together or not.

  59. My all time favorite movie, that just so happens to be a romantic comedy from 1999, is 10 Things I Hate About You starring Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles. This movie is a great demonstration of how dynamic characters can ultimately build the movie. Both characters in the movie begin stern and unwilling to change, and by the end of the movie are more in love and excited about each other than you ever would’ve been able to imagine in the beginning of the movie.

  60. The film 50 First Dates starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore is about a woman named Lucy Whitmore who had a horrible car accident that left her with the inability to form new memories. Every morning she wakes up thinking it is the day of her accident. Adam Sandler portrays a character named Henry Roth, who begins the film as a player, and transitions into becoming a very romantic guy. Throughout the film, Henry must gain Lucy’s trust every day, and develops a way of doing so with a VHS tape he plays to her every morning. The film’s use of cute-meet, and the development of Henry as a character from being a player, to becoming a romantic are both characteristics of romantic comedies. An example of static characteristics the film utilizes is Lucy’s character remaining the same through the film. Lucy was always a good person, and never had to go through a character arc to solve any internal issues. Henry on the other hand started off as a player and transitioned into becoming a loving husband. Henry’s transition is an example of a dynamic characteristic, and Lucy’s lack of a moral transition is an example of a static characteristic.

  61. While I am not a huge fan of rom-coms, I am in love with the 2001 film Legally Blonde. Elle Woods is a fashion-obsessed sorority girl who thinks she has it all until her boyfriend dumps her in order to find a more suitable “trophy wife” for his future career in politics. Elle then decides to follow in his steps and go to Harvard law school in order to become a lawyer and get her ex’s attention; however, throughout the film, she decides to become a lawyer for herself and utilizes her fashion knowledge to solve a high-profile case. While this film carries much of the hallmarks of a classic rom-com: opposites attract and meet-cute (Emmett and Elle), grand gestures to get someone’s attention (in this case, attending Harvard), the story is surprisingly dynamic for the time. Pretty early on in the film, Elle decides that her ex isn’t worth her time and that she should focus on becoming an amazing lawyer. While most rom-coms feature a “makeover scene” where the character’s entire style and attitude are changed, Elle keeps her fancy, frilly, and pink style throughout the film, even in courtroom scenes. The most dynamic (and important) aspect of the film is the relationship that Elle and Vivian (the replacement girlfriend) build; they both realize that the boyfriend is trash (making him a static character) and end the movie as friends and working at the same law firm.

  62. The 2011 movie “Just Go With It”, is a movie that stars Adam Sandler. In the movie he plays Dr. Maccabee who got his heart broken right before his marriage when he found out his fiance was cheating on him at the beginning of the movie. He is a plastic surgeon and Jennifer Aniston is his assistant named Katherine. Dr. Maccabee has become a player after his failed attempt at marriage until he runs into Palmer, a beautiful young lady who he thinks he falls in love with. In this movie, static characteristics can be found in the grand gestures such as the trip to Hawaii that Dr. Maccabee takes everyone on in order to impress Palmer and make his fake daughter happy. You can also find static characteristics with Maggie, who is Katherine’s daughter and Dr. Maccabee fake daughter. She maintains a British accent for almost the entire movie once she meets Palmer. A dynamic aspect of the movie is when Dr. Maccabee is supposed to marry Palmer but goes to Katherine instead because he figures out that he loves her. Dr. Maccabee’s transition from a player in the beginning of the movie to loving husband and caring father in the end is also an example of a dynamic characteristic.

  63. In the 2011 movie “Just Go With It” the main character is Adam Sandler who plays Dr. Maccabee who is a plastic surgeon. The movie begins when Dr. Maccabee learns that his fiancé cheated on him moments before their wedding. After that he became a player and would use the story of his fiancé cheating on him to gain sympathy from his dates. This would all stop when he meets Palmer who is played by Brooklyn Decker. In order for Dr. Maccabee to win over Palmers trust he has to get his assistant, named Katherine to be his fake wife. Katherine has two children that get pulled into the ordeal. An example of a static characteristic from this film is the way Maggie, who is Katherine’s daughter is able to maintain the same British accent for almost the entire movie once she meets Palmer. A dynamic characteristic of the movie is the way Dr. Maccabee went from a player to a loving husband and father at the end of the movie when he realizes that he doesn’t love Palmer and that the loves Katherine instead and the bond that he has formed with her children.

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