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Dear Students:

This is a place for “Introduction to Cinema Studies” to ask questions about the midterm.  Please post a question by replying to this message.

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  1. Hi Dr Barrenechea,

    Thank you for providing the example for us. I just wanted to ask, if you would like us to follow the way you broke down each part in your example exactly, including the number of pages?

    • Hello, Mike. Try to follow the example just as it is. Normally, I wouldn’t be giving you that, but the current restrictions led me to that decision. Everything you need is in that sample (content and breakdown). The number of pages don’t matter as much. I would just use a basic one page per shot rule. Then you can spend one long page on the final paragraph. That paragraph is the overall interpretation of the five shots.

      Good question.

  2. Hi Dr. Barrenechea,

    I had a question about the photos included in the sample. In the assignment document, it says that everything but the drawings should be typed. However, in the sample, it has screenshots of different scenes in the movie. Should we draw out different shots or should we include screenshots like the same? Also, should we include them for each shot analysis paragraph?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Eve,

      You include one drawing or screenshot per shot (note a “shot” is not the same as a “scene”, which is usually comprised of several shots). These are five back-to-back shots you are working on (same as in the sample). They amount to very little screen time.

      There is one paragraph at the end (not one paragraph per shot).

  3. Hi Dr. Barrenechea,

    I was wondering if we should develop a short thesis or argument in our analysis paragraph or if our analysis should be more general. Should we make an argument for what we think the themes of the film are, as you’ve asked us to address how the section advances its themes?

    • Hi Shannon,

      Yes, I believe you can give a sentence of two at the end explaining your interpretation. The important thing is to *refer back to specific film techniques* from part one of the midterm. Reading your final paragraph, I should not get a sense that you have written about a novel or some other type of narrative. The references back to key details of cinematography, mise-en-scene, editing, and sound should make it clear you have dealt with cinema (remember this midterm comes out of a unit called “Cinema Grammar.”). Show me that you’ve mastered it!

  4. Hi, Dr. Barrenechea,
    Sorry if I’m late asking or if this sounds like a silly question, but I wanted clarification on the shots we had to analyze. When you said “starting at 52:50,” did you mean the time left in teh film shown by the number on the right of the scrolling bar of the video? (I’m using Kanopy, and it has that, and it would be 36:28 minutes into the film at that time) Or did you mean when it’s 52:50 minutes into the film?

  5. Hello Dr. Barrenechea,

    For whatever reason, every time I try to take a screenshot of the scenes, it just goes completely black and I can’t see anything. I’ve tried it both on my laptop and my phone and I get the same result. Do you know if there’s any way around this?

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