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Choose one image from the pages for today’s reading (pgs. 36-91).  Discuss the image’s rhetorical intent and effect in 50 words.  Please respond by 12:00 pm on 9/29.

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  1. The image I have chosen to further discuss is the image titled “Their fitting at meate” located on page 61. This image includes two people mostly dressed and sitting across from each other eating from a large plate between them containing food for them to eat. In front of them were fish, corn, seeds or nuts, and a squid-like animal. This man and woman were sitting on dual land with no trees and a large sky to look at. The intent is to eat food and enjoy it with each other. The detail of this image is very complex, showing details in the man’s muscular arms and legs, as well as detail with the scales in the fish.

    • The Arrival of the Englishmen in Virginia (p. 45) is a map depicting the area surrounding Roanoke. The sunken ships are likely to warn sailors of the shallow waters. The sea monster may have been drawn to inspire the reader’s imagination, depicting the Americas as a land full of mysterious new creatures. In Weapemeoc, the two vines could represent farmland, whilst the men with bows on Roanoke island could represent a hunting community.

  2. The image “A weroan or great Lorde of Virginia” on page 43 shows two Native Americans that show they’re in a position of higher up/power. It’s interesting to point out that they’re positioned very similarly and it’s almost like there’s a mirror in between them with that pose, body type, and even bow are almost identical. I believe this can lead to the discussion that was mentioned where maybe the Europeans wanted Native Americans to mirror in order to make them be seen from a different view that isn’t negative.

  3. The image I chose is “The Tovvne of Pomeiooc” on page 73 and it depicts a Native American village surrounded by a tall and sharp wood fence (if you would call it that) almost like a cage to keep them inside. The barrier itself is hinting toward the discussion of exclusion of the Natives from their own land as Europeans begin to take over. In the image, all of the life, aside from human life, is shown outside of the barricaded ring and their water supply. I find this important to point out because of the foreseeable future that took place, Natives being driven out of homes and the land being seized.

  4. I choose the image on page 39 of the man and women by a tree. In this image the woman is going for an apple and there is a snake on the tree. This is a depiction of Adam and Eve. There is a guy on the tree pointing to the apple or the piece of fruit. It looks like he is telling the woman to eat it. While all this is going on there is animals in the background. There are two lion type things which could symbolize strength. There is also a mouse and a rabbit in the foreground this could symbolize sneakiness and stealthiness.

  5. The picture on pg. 56, Their manner of fishynge in Virginia. The picture shows of the old ways they used to fish, whether it was with spears, gates, and nets. It shows of many different strange fish under the water and strange curved fences for the fish. Though the weirdest thing of the picture would be the look of a fire in the middle of the boat. A easy way to cook fish, but at same time, probably burn the boat faster.

  6. The image I have selected is on page 55, and depicts natives building a boat. The image’s rhetorical intent is to show how creative and advanced the natives’ engineering was. Despite not having access to metal, the natives were still able to use ingenuity to successfully build technology. The image also serves to add a visual aid to the process described on the page, showing how the natives used controlled fire to gradually burn the boat into shape.

  7. I choose “Their manner of fishynge in Virginia” on page 56. It depicts the native technology in fishing, showing the use of spears, nets, and simple dam systems to catch fish. This show of technology shows those reading in England at the time that these are developed people with the means and resources to provide for themselves. The is an abundance of fish and other sea life in the water, which emphasizes how many natural resources, like food, are available for anyone (or investors) to take advantage of.

  8. The picture that I decided to dissect was the 60th picture, earthen pots. This picture portrays two men around a pot, and the pot is boiling. This picture creates a sense of experimenting. The two men seem to be very focused on the task that they’re doing. I feel as if they’re trying to explore something new and perfect it. The picture deals with a great deal of perfecting something.

  9. Though I wished to choose an image that no one else had yet to select, I could not help but to gravitate towards “Their manner of fishynge in Virginia” on page 56. Here, native peoples are depicted with spears and nets over a body of water, hoisting from within the colorless scene a great number of fish. It is an image designed to reveal the symbolic abundance of not just fish, but of resources in the untainted lands of America. One could prospect that the piece was depicted to incentivize colonists to come and join the colonial efforts on American shores. Not only did the image aim to garner the support of lower-class workers looking to make a fresh start, but it was an aim to appeal to potential entrepreneurs and investors. The never ceasing aspirations of the people to secure wealth, fame and power is beared precedently in this image, a ploy to interest as many people as possible to flock to the new land.

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