2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Stanley Kubrick’s film split many of the early critics who “took the trip.”  Some were astonished and approving, some were bored out of their minds, and some were simply baffled by what they saw on the screen.  In 50 words by 9 am Thursday morning, relate your own experience of watching 2001: A Space Odyssey.  As I will explain in class, I believe this experiential component is essential to our understanding of the film as a revolutionary work of science fiction.

65 thoughts on “2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

  1. Overall my opinion of 2001: A Space Odyssey is neutral. I enjoyed the movie visually as many of the props and effects were, for lack of better phrasing, really cool. This held up until close to the end of the movie where a bunch of bright, colorful, and random images appeared for time that I felt was much longer than necessary and was just painful to look at. Speaking of longer than necessary there is a lot of time spent in the movie just watching things that I felt were not important making things feel really slow. That being said this meant that whenever there was a character that was talking I was paying attention to every word they said because that meant it was important enough that the actors actually had to talk to explain it.

    • Although 2001: A Space Odyssey is known as an essential movie in the works of science fiction, the movie focused heavily on the use of sound and imagery, instead of dialogue, making the movie difficult to get through. The movie required paying attention to the little details, like the different kinds of sound and acknowledging the purpose of why the movie incorporated these things into the movie. Because the audience had to pay attention to the details with little dialogue, the plot story was hard to follow. While the images and the sound were beautifully and strategically incorporated in the film, I found myself being lost in the repetitive shots/angles. The long periods of no dialogue were boring to get through, but when dialogue did occur, I realized that I wasn’t registering what they were saying. I had to go back a few times when I realized that when there is dialogue, it is essential to the plot line.

      • I did not enjoy 2001: A Space Odyssey as much as I thought it would. It definitely seemed to go by slowly and required the viewer to pay attention to detail, while since it was a slow movie, it was difficult to do so. I did enjoy how the movie seems to be way ahead of its time.

    • 45 minutes into the movie, I texted my friend and said, “2001 is barely a movie. This is a glorified slideshow.” I still think this. I can’t say I wasn’t completely enamored for the whole ride, and I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy it, but I don’t think this movie had any real meat underneath the grandeur of it all. I can’t help but wonder how many people would still like it if it didn’t hold its current prestige and legacy? Not many, I’d bet.

    • I am not entirely sure how to feel about this movie. The score and design of specific shots astonished me at first until I released they go on for too long, in my opinion. I am used to watching movies with minimum dialogue because I am a fan of Sergio Leone, but for some reason 2001: A Space Odyssey did not capture my attention as Leone’s movies do. Once the movie ended, I was utterly confused, but also intrigued. I immediately went to the internet to understand what I had witnessed. After improving my understanding of the movie, I believe that it will be more enjoyable the second time around.

      • Watching 2001: A Space Odyssey, I understand why it is seen as the avant-garde in the science fiction genre. Throughout the beautifully shot film, I found myself in awe at the creativity and uniqueness of the film. Personally, I found the conversations between Dr. Bowman and HAL 9000 to be the most entertaining and most interesting parts of the film. The ending left me confused of course, but I also completely understand why it is a staple of the genre and a classic.

  2. I personally struggled with this movie. It went by very slow, showing shots from space that seemed to last too long, making it a bit boring. I think this movie during its time was astonishing because technology was continuing to advance and it shook the viewer to see the technology in this movie turn against the astronauts. At the end of the movie, there was a shot of a bunch of bright lines in all different colors coming at the viewer, putting the viewer in a different world other than the world they know; making the viewer feel like they are in a trippy world, full of attractions. This movie did a good job with the props and effects but overall, this movie was boring to watch in my opinion.

  3. To me, this movie was boring. While the different props such as the space ship and space station were well done, the movie spent to long focusing on them, dragging the shots that showed them out for several minutes. When the movie first began, it spent nearly twenty minutes focused on ape-like creatures in a prehistoric setting. While I knew this was important, it felt that it, and many later parts were to long. The soundtrack was beautiful, but since many of the songs were played during shots I thought were to long, I soon found it boring as well. Finally, even though the plot was unique for its time, as soon as I saw Hal, I knew the story and nothing happened that I had not already expected from seeing it redone in other shows and movies. Overall, the piece could have been shorter and I feel that even then, my interest would have waned.

  4. I really struggled with this movie. There was almost no dialogue between the characters and also some of the sounds that would play in some of the scenes were very distracting and loud. However, the graphics and how they designed the spaceship and the robot were really amazing. The ending was definitely the most confusing part for me.

  5. In context to the time when it premiered, I find the movie to be a masterpiece. The effects, storyline, the complexity of the plot, particularly toward the end, and the idea and thought process that went into creating this film, was far ahead of its time.
    In today’s perspective, this film does not keep up, due to several reasons, including the length of each shot, not enough motion in the frame- both, camera and subject movement, unnecessary shots that would be fine for <2seconds but not for 30 seconds, as well as poor audio balancing. This caused loss of the viewer's attention.

    The ending is something that was seen again in Interstellar, though differently, but a film like interstellar, that brought about the same confusion at the end, conducted the shots more thoughtfully, by allowing for more action, more fast-paced shots and a continuous storyline that tied the ending back into the movie, where 2001 failed to do so. The ending was dragged out and not tied back into the movie and therefore almost felt misplaced.

  6. I am unsure how I feel about this film as a whole. However, when it comes to the set, the cinematography, and the choices made when it came to editing, I would say I was completely intrigued. I found myself interested in how certain scenes came together and marveling in the world building that happens in such a simple way on screen. The cinematography stuck with me the most. I was always paying attention to how a scene looked/where the camera was and coming up with ideas as to how the scene ending up looking the way it did. I also tried to pay attention to the way the set and the camera interacted, especially when zero gravity was being portrayed. I believe a lot of decisions concerning the camera angles and movements added to the feeling of the film.

  7. The film was very long and incredibly slow, though it was clearly deliberate, so it wasn’t frustrating. It’s lack of dialogue and the grandiose visuals are very isolating, it ‘s very lonely, but in a cold calculated way. I did not emotionally connect with this film at all, the way it was shot feels detached, the way HAL watches. It wasn’t fun to watch, and was deeply confusing, but it was enjoyable.

  8. With 2001: A Space Odyssey, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the film. Personally, I believe the film was very slow and too long. I feel like it jumps around a bit, from when it was with the apes and then with Floyd and lastly, 18 months later with a new crew. Yet, I do enjoy the way the camera is filming the scenes. How it can go from clear, then to handheld depending upon the scene. When it came to the ending, I was a bit confused on what exactly happened and it felt very odd compared to the entire movie therefore.

  9. My opinion of this film is neutral. I found this film slow and hard to follow. I did struggle with the lack of dialogue and the lack of a clear overarching theme of this film. However, the film was done well; the props, special effects, costumes, etc. were unique and intriguing. I found this film to be an art piece. The lack of dialogue, though something I do not favor in my own choosing of films, allowed each member of the audience to look at the film differently. I personally feel as though this film as a whole was symbolizing humanity taking over, but after reading comments about the film, many have different interpretations.

  10. I am not a fan of 2001: A Space Odyssey. However, I do think there are impressive and amazing things about it: the acting is great, the film has amazing cinematography, and you can feel the ambition behind the film. With all that being said though, to me the movie just feels very pretentious and I just didn’t find it entertaining.

  11. In my opinion 2001: Space Odyssey was not the best movie since the storyline seemed to be too long and the movie did not have much dialogue which had me confused in certain parts. There was also certain scenes that I am still confused on to why they were essential to be placed in the movie since the scenes felt to jump around a lot through time. Lastly, for a movie of that time, the special effects were truly amazing along with the creativity and complexity of the overall plot, which allows for viewers to have their own interpretations of what it meant.

  12. I appreciated the concept of this movie, but that wasn’t enough for me to enjoy watching the full two and a half hours of it. I can understand, however, how the visuals and special effects held the attention of the audience when the movie was first released. Science fiction movies and special effects have come so far since then that modern audiences can’t appreciate the movie for the same reasons. I think the concept of artificial intelligence captures the attention of modern audiences more than anything else about this movie.

  13. My feelings on this film are very conflicted. For the most part, the movie felt pretentious. Kubrick spent most of the film emphasizing his own abilities as a director rather than attempting to create an entertaining and functional plot. On the other hand, it was enjoyable to watch something unlike anything else I have seen before.

  14. After watching this movie, I must say that it is a challenge to me. It feels incredibly masculine in character and form. Scenes are long, carefully focused on content with music that felt discordant, and I needed to rewatch scenes with dialogue to make sure I didn’t miss any details in the plot. Hal lip reading the two scientists was disappointing since it was from a side angle. Lip reading is only accurate for up to 25% for a lip reader and it must include a frontal position to see the movement of the tongue inside the mouth. It was also interesting to note that Hal showed a self aware intelligence, but had to die for the last scientist to survive the mission. I was hoping Hal would be the next level of evolution or part of it.

  15. While I was watching the film, I was captivated by the sound and lights throughout the film but was frustrated with the lack of dialogue. After watching the entire film, I had very little understanding of what Kubrick was trying to do with the ending. I did some research and what I found gave me some insight on to what Kubrick was trying to accomplish, which really enhanced my enjoyment of the film. I was extremely interested from the start up through the moon scene where they discover the obelisk. After that, I felt my interest wane a little. However, after looking into it more, I would say that I liked the film.

  16. After viewing 2001: A Space Odyssey, I had a hard time deciding on whether I liked it or not. It was hard to follow as there was minimal dialect compared to the average movie, but that effect also made it easier to focus on the imaging of the film itself. There were times where I was fully immersed into what I was watching, and plenty of other times where I was bored and ready for it to be over. I feel that if the movie was shorter, it would be a lot more enjoyable as a viewer. After reflecting on the movie, I would say that I enjoyed it overall. I tend to like sci-fi films, but I would have a hard time putting this at the top of my list of favorites.

  17. To begin, I had very mixed views about Kubrick’s film. It was a pretty boring movie overall, with a couple of cool sci-fi scenes. I didn’t like how in-depth and specific many of the scenes were. There seemed to be a lot of unnecessary shots used throughout the film. Whereas those clips were captured to overemphasize what was going on, but just wasn’t needed. Although, I found it very interesting that this film didn’t have as much dialogue as my personal favorite movies. The movie itself relied more on the soundtrack than the dialogue. I also believe that this film used the soundtrack as a way to tell the viewer what is going on (without using words), and the reaction they should have. For instance, during the dramatic scenes, there wasn’t as much talking therefore, dramatic music was played, letting the audience know that this was a pretty stressful, and intense situation.

  18. I find the film to be a overall a work of art. It’s experimental, heavy, and bleak. I found myself being absorbed in wonder and different ranges of emotions all throughout the film. It was long but I believe there was a reason for that; it’s length takes the audience through dread, anxiety, anticipation which mimics the feelings of an explorer/ the journey. The very beginning was important because it represented civilization and how the past foreshadows the future; war, fighting for power and against your own kind. Sound design was my favorite part of the film, It’s interesting how Kubrick utilizes sound of people in what seems to be harmonious agony, heavy breathing, piercing rings that all contrast to moment’s silence which make them dramatic.

  19. Personally I really enjoyed 2001, however I feel like it suffers from the common problem that the book will always be better than the movie. From reading the book, the foreword explains how 2001 was written as a book and a movie script at the same time in a collaboration between Kubrick and Clarke. However one thing the movie doesn’t allow for is the audience to know what exactly is going on in characters heads, or what is happening in specific scenes. The movie seemed to try to make up for this by relying heavily on the score to set scenes and move the plot along. Overall 2001 is one of my favorite sci-fi movies. Also the sequel to 2001, 2010: The Year We Made Contact, is by a different director and as such has a much different feel to it, still an enjoyable watch but not as good as 2001.

  20. When it comes to 2001: A Space Odyssey I have mixed emotions. For a film made 50 years ago the visuals are still imaginative and the effects still hold up. I also found myself enjoying the middle of the film when we see the main character and Hal.
    However, this film is difficult for me to comprehend and its easy to get lost due to the almost agonizingly slow pace. I understand that the film is very conceptual and is trying to convey an idea over a plot, but for someone like me that enjoys narratives this was difficult to watch.

  21. While I watched 2001: A Space Odyssey, it struggled to capture and maintain my attention. There were many parts which tended to drag on, and the parts that were somewhat enjoyable were separated by lots of scenes that seemed almost unnecessary. There was also not much dialog and too many background noises. Though I did not particularly enjoy watching this movie, I appreciated the creativity of Stanley Kubrick, and the ways he uses props and special effects is incredibly innovative for the time period. While I did not find it entertaining, I was impressed by the scenery and overall visual aspects of the movie.

  22. Even though I admit the shots were extremely lengthy in duration, and could be slow and tedious, I was still somehow captivated the whole movie. The lack of dialogue could sometimes be frustrating, but it made me appreciate when there was dialogue even more. I was watching this with the knowledge that some critics didn’t get it at first, but then redacted their statements, and I completely get why. It’s not something I think you can watch just once. Like most Kubrick films, it gets better the more you watch it. I loved it.

    • If I am going to be completely honest “2001: A Space Odyssey “ was just not the movie for me. The lack of dialogue and the slow plot made getting through the entire movie without being distracted quite hard at times. However I do like the vision director Kubrick had. His use of props and sounds with his special effects, for the time, was very innovative and impressive. I did not love all of this movie, I do believe that if I had to watch it again I would understand and enjoy it better the second time than I did the first just based off the fact that I now know what to expect.

  23. There were definitely parts of 2001: A Space Odyssey that I enjoyed more than others. I thought the section where Dr. Floyd was on the moon and had the space layover was intriguing. From the Pan Am flight, the inquisitive soviet scientist, and finally the artifact with the ominous music, it was by far the most engaging part in my opinion.

  24. While watching A Space Odyssey, I struggled immensely with the lack of dialogue and the long duration of shots. I normally like films with dialogue and plot, so while watching this I struggled to maintain my attention. In my opinion, I think that the long shots could have been broken up into smaller ones, which would help keep the viewer’s attention. Overall, I thought the film was somewhat boring and hard to follow, but it definitely has parts that were entertaining and well thought out when it comes to the sound and action that was occurring.

  25. 2001: A Space Odyssey was definitely a very unique film, and I appreciated what Kubrick did with this film and the conceptual art ideas, especially at the end with the image of the eye with inverted colors. However, it was definitely a hard film to get through, I had no idea why I was watching fifteen minutes of monkeys in the beginning. I was also very confused with the ending, I understood that Dave was seeing himself get progressively older but I don’t know what the meaning of it was. My overall opinion is appreciative of the art, but very confused.

  26. As I watched A Space Odyssey I struggled to find the desire to watch the entirety of the film. The movie was not very appealing to me due to the lack of dialogue and the slow pace of the film, which caused me to become bored. However I liked the picture of the film and it was very interesting to notice how advanced film making has become since the 1960’s.

  27. From the start of A Space Odyssey, I was not very intrigued because of the duration of the shots and how slowly the entire film moved. I had a hard time keeping my attention entirely on the film and struggled with how little dialogue it presented. But, on the other hand, I was interested in the cinematography and how the film was made, asking myself questions like “Why did they decide to do one thing instead of the other?”. The costumes and props caught my eye and kept me watching. I do believe Kubrick has a very different and artistic mind that was shown through this film.

  28. This film almost put me to sleep. I admired the visuals and the plot the most. Every shot was so excruciatingly long that it was difficult to appreciate much. I don’t view this movie as a masterpiece, but rather as almost one. The narrative felt like it was going somewhere with the mysterious effects of the monolith, but then it focused on the evil robot storyline before concluding the film with the strangest scene in cinematic history. And don’t even try to convince me the ending of this film made sense.

  29. I quite enjoyed 2001: A Space Odyssey. While parts of the film were grating due to the long drawn out sequences and deliberately slow pacing I still enjoyed this movie. This film practically embodied the phrase “every frame a painting”, due to the beauty of pretty much every single shot.

  30. 2001: A Space Odyssey really threw me through a loop. There was a lot of the movie where I was just wondering what was actually going on. If I saw this movie in the year it was made, I would have been absolutely blown away. Especially with all of the scenes of space that were put in there. Overall, the movie just confused me.

  31. At the beginning of A Space Odyssey I had trouble with following the first couple shots. The shots did not appeal to me because of the duration of them, they were slow moving and had next to know dialogue. The slow moving duration and lack of dialogue the caused me to get bored and loose my interest in the movie. The one thing that I did really like were costumes and props that they used. Also the fact that were only watching a part of the film made it hard to understand certain things because we do not know everything that will tie the story together.

  32. Knowing this movie was revolutionary in the film world, I expected more. Though I do agree this movie was visually stunning, I found myself searching for a plot for the entirety of the film. I felt most of the scenes could have been shorted or even cut out completely. I was able to appreciate many aspects of the film, yet I still felt bored for the majority of it.

  33. It didn’t take me long to realize that I was not going to enjoy this movie. Sure enough, I didn’t. However, I am very surprised by how advanced this film is for being filmed in 1968. The advancement in technology and the clarity of the film is very revolutionary for the 60’s. As impressed with the cinematography as I am, I still did find this film boring and found myself wishing there was a plot that would help create a more lively movie.

    • The further into 2001: A Space Odyssey I got the more impressed I was. Kubrick’s ability to connect the throwing of a bone to an orbital satellite was an impressive way to bridge the emergence of man’s tools to their apex. While the pacing was slow at points, the movie looked and felt incredibly modern. Many of the scientific concepts within the movie are several times more accurate than that of contemporary Sci-fi, which shows the amount of research and planning that went into filming. I consider this to be the most interesting movie I have ever seen.

      • 2001: A Space Odyssey left me with a lot to contemplate: the monoliths, the death-rebirth montage, the starchild; however, I thoroughly enjoyed the film. Its cerebral nature was of course a bit confusing, but its open-endedness allows for good discussion. The cinematography was the most impressive I can recall of any movie I’ve seen, and the classical score lent itself well to the film’s themes of loneliness and insignificance in the vastness of outer-space.

  34. I’m not entirely sure of what to think about 2001: A Space Odyssey. It is unique in that there is not a lot of dialogues spoken between actors and is a mostly silent movie that encourages self-inflection. I would need multiple watches in order to fully grasp what Kubrick was trying to say with this movie.

  35. I personally didn’t care for this movie. I felt that it was too long and many of the scenes were dragged out longer than they needed to be. However, I liked the scene where Hal was deactivated. As I was watching the movie, I was glad Hal was deactivated because Frank’s death and the things that happened after it honestly scared me a bit. However, thinking about that scene later on, I realize how depressing it actually is; the computer is basically just dying slowly and painfully (for a computer).

  36. I knew this movie had the iconic scene with HAL 9000 saying “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that” so I was waiting the entire time for this scene. I found the movie pleasing to watch since it was shot in 70mm. The periods with no dialog or music were plentiful and a bit repetitive compared to contemporary movies. The lack of goal or plot made me not sure what to do or expect. I think it was best summarized as an experience an less of a narrative.

    • The beginning of the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” was a little hard to get interested in right from the start. In my opinion, the very beginning of the movie was very slow and didn’t appeal to me. This impacted my interest throughout the rest of the film. I thought that this production was very confusing and difficult to keep up with. The long shots, duration of those shots and lack of dialogue and in the opening shots of the movie leaved me to lose interest in the rest of the movie. I found myself distracted throughout the movie and also found myself challenged to get back into the movie.

  37. I personally found the film rather intriguing. While the film is slow its pacing is deliberate. I found the idea of the monolith to be really fascinating. Early man on the brink of death was saved by it. The monolith sparks evolution and provides mankind the step forward to transcend into the unknown. I think this could also be Kubrick’s way to showcase the folly of man. It is almost foolish to always desire more.

  38. The film 2001: a space odyssey by Stanley Kubrick is a revolutionary work of science fiction. I’ve seen 2001 a few times before watching it again recently and after finishing it cemented my feelings about how great of a film it is. The way Kubrick makes each scene makes the movie feel so real and it is so well directed that it makes it one of the best Sci-fi films ever made.

  39. My view of this movie was that it was in fact ahead of its time.The cinematography and use of effects was much different then other movies I have seen from the time. However watching this movie in today’s time of CGI and special effects really skews how one perceives this film. We are spoiled in the sense that almost every movie we see these is digitally produced using advanced computing techniques that were simply not available in 1968. So when watching this film,the cinematography and effects felt like they were nothing special and simply could not compete with some of the big titles coming out today. That being said the cinematography was ahead of time and I could see why some would view this as a revolutionary work in the science fiction genre but I still found this film to be a bit lacking in story as well as being overall bland and boring.

  40. Overall, I found this movie immensely intriguing. I completely understand where some critics at the time of this film’s release attained their opinion of it. This film is rather hard to simply “watch”. It requires more out of the viewer that that in order to truly understand and appreciate the subtle nuances scattered all throughout it. I quite enjoyed this film for that fact. As, through viewing this way, the viewer is engulfed in the film’s atmosphere, which I feel is its strongest element.

  41. Contrary to what I believed I would think before watching this movie, I did not like the film very much. I found it hard to stay in tune with the plot as it was extremely slowly paced with minimal dialogue. The reasonably long shot involving the monkeys was slightly confusing as well. However, the visual effects and props did stand out to me. For a film shot in 1968, it did seem to be extremely technologically advanced for its time.

  42. I thought this movie was very intriguing and has left me searching for its purpose. The control and precision that Kubrik uses in every aspect of the film was amazing to watch. I do wish that there wasn’t a 10 minute lightshow, but every other part of the film to me was very good.

  43. 2001: A Space Odyssey is an influential and visually stunning film. It could be described as a haunting acid trip. Watching it, one can take note of the elements that helped shape later movies like Interstellar, Prometheus, the Martian, and even Star Wars. Contemporary critics might have called it a “thinking man’s film”. 2001 still holds up today in the same way the Twilight Zone does. 1968 audiences would have been amazed at the sets and visuals, the concept of space travel, and not to mention the menacing self-aware computer. The thought occurred to me that Kubrick’s intention was to mate the intoxicating, thrilling optimism of the Space Age with a moral message about the consequences of advanced technology. That being said, the film is more about evolution than the threat of tech. The monoliths clearly impacted the evolution of human beings; their existence is driving the plot. Mankind has gone from crawling on all fours in the primeval wilderness to flying among the stars like gods. We have made it this far and the evil computer is competing with Dr. Bowman to reach the source of our evolutionary energy. Man is trying to find its creator while something it created is trying to find itself.

  44. I had a very mixed reaction to this film. I was immensely bored for a large portion of the film simply because there wasn’t really any plot advancement. It felt like the establishing shots were way too long and the music was over the top. It just felt really boring. But the parts of the film that actually had dialogue and plot advancement I really enjoyed. I found the whole concept of the monoliths really intriguing and I wish we got more information about them instead of just dramatic shots of space with orchestral music. I’m still not quite sure I really understand the plot but I felt like it had some profound statement about life hidden within it and I found the ending actually quite beautiful. I think to fully enjoy, or at least have a greater appreciation for, this film I would need to watch it from a purely artistic standpoint.

  45. 2001 was like no other movie I have ever seen. it was visually beautiful and its undertones were food for thought, but for viewers looking to be entertained, it just doesn’t deliver. Its theme was that mankind is trying to find the reason for its evolution while something created by man is trying to find its own way. The HAL computer is scary enough; one could easily draw parallels to its status as a threat and mankind’s current, real-life over reliance on computers to run everything. The film doesn’t have much of a plot; its weird structure feels like a series of vignettes more than a chronological narrative. This is intentional because it takes place across time and space. 2001 stands the test of time and you can see its influence on more recent science fiction films. It blends psychedelia, darkness, and the intoxicating optimism of the Space Age. Not many modern films are capable of accomplishing a feat like that, which is just one of the reasons it stands the test of time.

  46. To put it simply, 2001 was not a movie I enjoyed watching. I personally found it very boring and actually quite creepy and uncomfortable at times. I will say that the imagery and effects were beautifully done, I just did not like the extreme lack of dialogue. I also was extremely confused as to what the first fifteen minutes with the monkeys had to do with the plot of the movie. Overall, it was not a movie I would want to watch again as I was bored and confused the first time around.

  47. Space Odyssey certainly was not made for the modern viewer. There are certainly elements that can be traced to their modern rendition. However the modern viewer is used to certain cuts and shots to dictate where the plot is going. The slow pace of the film makes it easy for boredom to strike. I would probably have seen the movie in a different light if I was more familiar with films from this time period.

  48. When watching “2001: A Space Odyssey,” it seems like my experience was similar to some of the other students who have already posted. Watching it, I felt like there must have been a lot of symbolism and hidden meaning, because on the surface there didn’t seem to be any definite point to it. I thought that a lot of the more artistic scenes dragged on, but perhaps there’s a metaphor in the fact that they did that as well

  49. To me, Space Odyssey played out like a national geographic documentary but with a lack of narration. It kept my attention for the good part at the beginning with the primitive man, but eventually it became sort of comedic with the over the top soundtrack and monkey antics. The name was not what I thought would have gone along with the actual plot. I expected a star wars-esque film, something filled with action and plot, but that wasn’t really the case. And although there was chronological continuity, my interest fizzled out almost at random, not the sort of build up that movies normally produce. However, for its age, it looks very modern and it even keeps that feeling today.

  50. I can’t imagine that a lot of people understood exactly what they were watching when they first saw “2001: a Space Odyssey.” The same goes for me; while the film can be mesmerizing at times the almost hour without any dialogue could drive anyone mad. Upon doing extra research on the film you find out that the makers didn’t want you to understand what you saw, but maybe that’s part of the point with science fiction.

  51. Personally, I have extremely mixed feelings about 2001. The special effects are amazing, even by today’s standards, so I can only imagine what it was like watching this when it first came out. Certain scenes in the film, even with no dialogue, are so well shot and paced they are just mesmerizing to watch, most notably the opening and closing scenes. However, I can’t help but feel like this film is poorly paced in some areas, because there were several time while I was watching it where I, like many others, just wanted to fall asleep. This feel truly captured by imagination at many points, but were just as many parts where I was completely checked out.

  52. I did not enjoy watching 2001: A Space Odyssey. While the movie is visually entertaining, its lack of dialect and slow moving story line made me bored and confused trying to follow the plot of the movie. I enjoyed the visuals and can see why some movie goers find the movie good but its lack of substance outside of the visuals left me unsatisfied and struggling to stay awake. I will not be watching this film again.

  53. 2001 a Space Odyssey was visually very stimulating, but the movie was limited by its time. The special effects are somewhat rudimentary. I found the movie to be quite boring. However this movie set a standard for all other science fiction movies that came after this and started to help develop the science fiction brand as a whole.

  54. 2001: A Space Odyssey is a pop culture juggernaut. I had never seen the movie before, but so much of its visual language was familiar to me. I didn’t become fully invested and interested in the plot of the film until the Jupiter mission. I think this in part due to the connection established with the crew, Dave, Frank, and even HAL.
    HAL’s rebellion is parroted and parodied again and again by later works. But HAL’s death struck me far more. As he expresses his fear to Dave, I couldn’t help but pity him, even after he killed the other crew members. It is intriguing that one of the most human moments of the film comes from the computer, as he sings “Bicycle Built for Two,” while Dave shuts him off.
    I found it interesting that despite the psychedelic marketing of the movie, the trippier elements and colorful shots of space aren’t until towards the very end of the film, after the two hour mark. It wasn’t the most satisfying or clear denouement, but I believe I understand why Kubrick made the choices he did.

  55. The first time I viewed this film, I felt bored and confused. However, after my second viewing, I definitely understood it better and felt astonished. There is no doubt in my mind that this film is a revolutionary work of science fiction; in addition, I completely agree that Kubrick was ahead of his time with this film. Kubrick left me feeling absolutely fascinated with the trippy ending, as well as with what it had to say about the evolution of mankind.

  56. It was hard to view this film without it being tainted by my modern perspective. There was a lack of diversity in race and gender. There were connections to Spaceballs, Star Wars, Interstellar, Alien, etc. The movie itself has a fantastic thriller plot, and combines it curiously with more artistic messages. The score was haunting, grand, and eerie. The cinematography was very photographically conscientious, and the symmetry was beautiful and also unsettling. Music also connoted grandeur and a delicate ballet in space. The shots defying gravity were groundbreaking. The end shots seemed more like a disappointing light show though.

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