English 328: Mary Rowlandson

In class today, we discussed the emergence of cultural hybridity in the cultural and spiritual life of colonial Spanish America.  Now let’s consider the Puritans.  Reading through Mary Rowlandson’s narrative of “captivity and restoration,” do you find a tendency toward mixing, separatism, or some combination of both?  Explain by citing examples.

Please respond in fifty words by 12pm on Thursday, 10/6/22.

Blog Post Engl. 328 (Las Casas)

Imagine yourself as a 16th century Spanish reader of Las Casas’s A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies (1542).  What combination of feelings might you have reading the book? Would you be prone to trust him? Dismiss him? Explain what parts of the text would resonate with you most, and why.  Please respond in 50 words by 9/15 at 12:00 pm.

English 328: Popol Vuh

What is the purpose of the Seven Macaw story in Part II of the Popol Vuh?  Consider that the story was shared with a Mayan community.  What kind of demands does it places upon the listener?  Imagine yourself as a participating audience member trying to embrace the lesson.