From Novel to Film

In this unit, we will take a media specific approach to adaptation.  What this means is that, rather than looking at literature and cinema as having built-in advantages or disadvantages with respect to fidelity (“the book is better than the movie,” etc.), we will work to recognize various types of interactions across two types of languages–words in the first case, and audiovisuals in the second.  Using the Brian MacFarlane article as your guide, can you think of a recent adaptation of a book that uses the language of the cinema in an interesting way?  Explain.

Blog Post #1 (Hammer Story)

In connection with your reading of The Hammer Story, by Marcus Hearn and Alan Barnes, provide a 100-word post responding to the trailer for one of the films we will watch within our genre unit: “Horror of Dracula.”  How does this trailer display the Hammer signature style when it comes to the horror cinema?  What is that style?  Explain.