Black Swan and The Wrestler

I’d like you to apply what you learned on Tuesday to the two films due for tomorrow.  In what ways do the thematic concerns of Aronofsky continue across these two films?  In other words, what remains consistent for him as a director with a thematic focus?  Now for the more difficult question: What remains consistent for him in terms of techniques?  Where are there moments, for example, when he stages mise-en-scene in similar ways?  How does he use the camera and/or sound to tell the story in ways that are consistent and a mark of a unique signature?  Remember that we are looking for patterns here.


Please respond in 50 words by tomorrow at 9 am.

Dracula and Frankenstein (compared)

Now that you’ve read both of these novels, I’d like you to compare them as literary texts.  Let’s focus specifically on them as works that reflect some of the ideals and also anxieties of the times in which they were written.  In what ways do you think they relate to those ideals?  Are they revolutionary?  Regressive?  A combination of both?  In your response, pay special attention to the resolution created by both texts.  What evidence do the endings provide?

Please reply in 100 words by tomorrow at 12:00 pm.