Coffin Joe: Artist, Exploiter, or Both?

Let’s reflect further on the question of Art vs. Exploitation from today’s class.  Please reply to this blog post by referring to one film example that makes a case for Jose Mojica Marins as a serious artist, and another example that suggests he is a showman selling cheap thrills for profit.  After careful reflection, where do you come down on the question I pose in my title?  Is the director an artist, an exploiter, or both?  Explain.

Blog Post #1 (Mexploitation)

In Santo Vs. Vampire Women, the professor-protagonist reports to Santo:


“we’re living in a time when things are perfect for the resurrection of monsters here on earth.”


Truer words cannot be said of the Mexican exploitation cinema (“mexploitation”).  For this first blog post, contribute a 100-word entry that reflects on the use of monsters in this genre.  Why monsters?  You should think on a macro level (monsters are universal fictions, after all), but also social and political issues pertaining specifically to 1960s Mexico.

Blog Post #1 (Hammer Story)

In connection with your reading of The Hammer Story, by Marcus Hearn and Alan Barnes, provide a 100-word post responding to the trailer for one of the films we will watch within our genre unit: “Horror of Dracula.”  How does this trailer display the Hammer signature style when it comes to the horror cinema?  What is that style?  Explain.